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The Macadamia Extreme Repair Shampoo 300ml is the perfect shampoo for post chemical treatments, since its components such as Macadamia oil and hydrolyzed collagen completely renew your hair, eliminating dryness, revitalizing dry and damaged hair.

It will repair all the fragile areas of the hair, the collagen promotes the formation of keratin that gives it a shiny, silky and soft look, its properties provide shine and flexibility to your hair, ensuring that wonderful movement.

The shampoo guarantees a clean hair, free of impurities, along with an incredible smell, it provides all the nutrients you need for a perfect hair.

Besides guaranteeing very well its main function, which is to ensure a good cleaning, it also guarantees other benefits to the hair fiber and hair.

The 300ml extreme repair shampoo is for professional use and provides a complete cleaning of the hair perimeter, it has an approximate performance of 2 months for medium and long hair.


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