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The home care extreme repair macadamia mask 500g has an antioxidant action, rejuvenates hair, recovers vitality and rebalances hair pH, provides an effective and complete treatment, which guarantees powerful hydration and much softer strands.

All this is possible thanks to its two main ingredients, which are hydrolyzed collagen and macadamia oil, these balance the levels of natural elasticity, making it more flexible and full of movement.

They have highly nutritious properties, reduce obsessive frizz, promote strength and give you movement.

The product gives more strength and resistance to hair that has gone through recent chemicals, which is why it can and should be inserted in special hair care routines.

It is suitable for all hair types, especially those that are very damaged, this product is for professional use and increases the hair pH balance, repairing the most severe damage and giving your hair more silkiness.


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