10 incredible benefits of Argan oil for hair

Taking care of us is an activity that should be part of our routine. Including a balanced diet, an exercise routine, or a skin and hair care routine in your day-to-day life can make a difference. When we receive benefits in our hair we feel renewed and in harmony with the universe. Nature gives us some elements to achieve it. I invite you to know the benefits of argan oil on hair.

Argan oil provides endless benefits for our well-being, especially as it is a natural product for medicinal use that has been used for skin and hair care. This oil is incredible for the care of our hair giving it a healthy appearance.

From the hand of Dily, today I bring you complete information about all the benefits that this oil has on your hair, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, the important thing is how much and how it will help you to have amazing hairIf you are wondering what is the best way to take advantage of argan oil, read on, here I explain its benefits and its multiple uses.

Benefits of argan oil for hair

If your hair lacks essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 or vitamins A and E, you will notice that it will be dehydrated, weak, and very prone to falling out easily. Omega-3 favors your hair and scalp allowing them to stay hydrated, while vitamins A and E help protect from external damage and stimulate the production of sebum your hair needs. This argan oil will help you keep your hair hydrated and strong, as it is one of the benefits of the hair.


Argan oil has its origin in the extraction of walnuts belonging to the species Argania Spinosa, from Morocco and provides a great benefit to the hair due to its main components of this oil are Omega-3 and vitamins A and E, making it a perfect product to treat damaged hair, or improve the appearance of your hair, making it an extraordinary ally for your hair.

I know that the image you project is important to you and it is the meaning of these tips that today I invite you to follow so that you know the benefits that argan oil has for your hair and with them shine with their own light in a healthy and natural way. Argan oil naturally restores even the most damaged hair, as it repairs the affected strands, softens it and gives it the shine your hair has lost due to the aggressive weather:

It is responsible for nourishing and repairing your hair

As I mentioned before, the benefits of argan oil on your hair will surprise you, especially its repairing action that consists of repairing damage from the roots. If you are not used to having a routine to take care and hydrate your hair on a regular basis, this option will be excellent for you, since without having to spend a lot of time, argan oil will help you regain the structure of your hair and will make it look great. more healthy and shiny.

Minimizes heat damage

If you are one of the people who constantly use a hair straightener, hair dryer or curling iron, it is likely that your hair will look dry and present lack of shine, this oil will help you regain the shine of your hair and, in addition, it will gradually repair the heat damage caused by iron, blow dryer or curling iron. Use it before you apply heat, you will notice the benefits of argan oil on your hair after a couple of applications.

Helps repair dry, split ends

If you do not have a routine to hydrate your hair, it is normal that it can have dry and open ends, since this part of your hair is that it receives less natural oil from your scalp. That is why another of the benefits of argan oil in the hair is to keep the ends hydrated. You’ll notice the changes in a matter of days once you start using it.

Eliminate frizz:

A very common condition in all hair types is frizz, which sometimes becomes very difficult to eliminate even trying different products. Argan oil will be the answer if you have been looking for how to eliminate frizz, with use of twice a week, you can begin to see the benefits in your hair that will be more silky and manageable.

Stops dandruff caused by dry scalp:

The problem of dandruff is almost as common as frizz, and just as difficult to find a product that eliminates it or helps you fight efficiently. If you have been dealing with dandruff, I recommend that you try a treatment with argan oil, as it will give you benefits in the hair, due to its moisturizing components, it helps to eliminate dryness of the scalp, reducing dandruff that may appear in your hair.

Helps preserve the color of your hair:

To renew ourselves is to give us the opportunity to feel capable of being reborn, that is why we like the versatility that hair dyes offer us, so we must take care of every detail. Looking good and recovered is another benefit that argan oil gives us in our hair.


Argan oil will be your ally when it comes to keeping the color of your dye alive and preventing it from wearing off with each wash. A protective layer on the hair strands thanks to its components will benefit your hair. Argan oil helps you repair the damage that dye chemicals cause to your hair.

Makes your hair looser:

One of the universal wishes for people who love to look good is to have neat and beautiful hair. It happens that when we get up we can not prevent the hair from staying on our fingers due to the lack of softness and looseness. Argan oil gives you the opportunity to look the way you want, inclusive when you’re jumping out of bed.

If you feel that your hair is usually very tangled and without any type of shape, applying a little argan oil can obtain good results, since by repairing and smoothing your hair, it provides the strands with greater flexibility and a great benefit in the hair so you can wear your natural and healthy look that you want so much.

It will make you look rejuvenated:

Having constant care of your physical appearance will always make you look younger, that’s why dull and dull hair can add a few more years than you actually have, a good hydration treatment that makes you look healthy and strong It can make you look younger. Another benefit of argan oil in your hair is its virginal appearance. Coupled with the constant benefits it brings to your skin, it’s an irresistible temptation, so why not try it?

It works as a protector against the ultraviolet rays of the sun:

If you are planning a trip to the beach, pool, or if you tend to be exposed to the sun for a long time, it is important that you use protection for your hair. Argan oil is an excellent option as a thermal protector since it creates a layer with its components that protect the strands from solar radiation, it is a little-used but much-needed protection for your hair.

Helps straighten your hair:

Argan oil products to straighten the hair are increasingly used, as they work like keratin but without the element of formalin. This formula helps the cuticles of the hair strands to close and recover through the attraction between the positive charge deposited in the center of the hair,  making it look beautiful.

As you can see sometimes not having the right information can make you do without simple but very useful products like this. Now you can see that something as simple as argan oil can bring you all these benefits for hair that you surely did not know, and you can maintain its care and make it look amazing without spending so much.

Now that you know all the benefits of argan oil for hair, you can give yourself the opportunity to try it, heed my advice to learn how to apply it from the comfort of your home. Knowing how important hair care is to you, I prepared a guide of recommendations to know how to use it according to your hair type. Keep reading and find out!

¿How to use argan oil for hair?

Although the application of argan oil on the hair is not a very complicated process, it is good that you have the complete information, it is not enough just to know the benefits that the oil has on the hair, but to know: how long to use it? How to use it? And how to apply argan oil according to your hair type? Here I bring you the steps you must follow adapted to your needs:

Dry and damaged hair

If your case is that your hair is dry and badly damaged, it is recommended to use argan oil as a mask. Two to three times a week apply argan oil to all your hair, from the roots to the ends and comb to distribute it better and cover it with a bathing cap, leave it to act overnight, and wash your hair as you regularly do at next day.

It is also recommended to use a few drops of this oil in styling creams to see faster results and likewise use it once your hair is dry to hydrate the ends, use it in small amounts, and do not remove it. In a matter of weeks, the results will dazzle you.


Oily and dull hair:

In this case, the benefits of argan oil on oily hair are excellent. It is used from above the middle of the hair to the ends, taking care not to apply it to the scalp, leave it to act for less time, from 30 to 45 minutes, and then remove it by washing it regularly with shampoo and conditioner.

As you can see, no matter the type of hair you have, all hair must have care adapted to its need, and argan oil is beneficial, because, in addition to being natural, it also serves and helps all types of hair, as long as when applied and used in the correct way.

That is why today I brought you these benefits and detailed recommendations so that you are more informed when choosing which will be the best treatment for your hair since I know first hand how difficult it is to maintain healthy, strong hair and care for all external agents that harm it.

Despite that, you know the benefits of argan oil for hair, it is important that you take into account other types of care for your hair. Some of this extra care steps can be avoiding the excessive use of hair irons, curling irons, and dryers. Try to regularly apply hydrating masks and oils to help maintain strong and healthy hair.

Remember that hair washing will have a lot to do with its care, combining this with the use of argan oil will make you get great benefits for your hair. It is also recommended not to wash it constantly, if not for two to three days, even if your hair is oily, apply a washing regimen. If you excessively wash your hair, you can get rid of natural oils that your needs.

Now that you know what benefits bring this oil into your hair and you drive how to apply argan oil hair, is of you begin this journey of personal care. Always hoping that my advice can encourage you to try to take better care of your hair, I will be constantly bringing you new tips that help you better understand the care processes. See you in the next recommendation!

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