Katy Perry Hairstyles: 8 Beautiful hair colors the singer has worn

Katy Perry hairstyles play an important role in her life as an artist, believe it or not. These hairstyles and hair colors can define her new character or new phase. 

The legendary artist Katy Perry is known worldwide. Both for his unforgettable song California Girls, TGIF (Thank god is Friday), or Roar. Her videos always gain a lot of recognition. Either the videos full of colors that express happiness or, the sentimental one that conveys sincere and special messages. The artist is estimated to have a net worth of about $ 125 million.

Who is Katy Perry?

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson was born on 25 October 1984, best known by her stage name, Katy Perry. Katy is an American singer, songwriter, and judge on television. She decided to pursue a career in choir music as a teenager, after singing in her church choir as a child.

Perry signed a deal with a label named Red Hill Records, in 2001, in which she released an album. This album didn’t gain fame at all so she moved to Los Angeles the following year. She had signed a recording deal with Capitol Records in April 2007 and adopted the stage name Katy Perry after being rejected by The Island Def Jam Music Group and Columbia Records.

Today the artist is at home resting with her husband, Orlando Bloom, due to the quarantine. Both are waiting for the little baby girl that the singer is expected to have in the late 2020 summer.

Katy Perry hairstyles: 8 beautiful hair colors

Katy Perry hairstyles vary from differents colors to haircuts. Contrary to what everyone thinks, the singer’s natural hair color is actually blonde. Over the course of years, Katy has changed her hair color several times. All of them looked super good, obviously some better than others. 

Pink: The singer wore this bright pink at the annual MTV Video Music Awards in August 2011 held at the Nokia Theater. She matched her eyeshadow to the hair color and it definitely caught everyone’s attention.

Katy Perry hairstyles
Katy Perry Pink Hair

Blue: Katy used this beautiful teal-blue color in the middle of 2012. This color made the artist’s eyes stand out quite a bit and gave her youthful vibes.

Katy Perry hairstyles
Katy Perry Blue Hair

Purple: Perry had this charming color at the premiere of her documentary “Katy Perry: Part Of Me” in California. The vibrant purple with soft waves looked great on her and brought a glorious shine to her face.

Katy Perry hairstyles
Katy Perry Purple Hair

Black: For her famous music video of the song Roar, Katy dyed her hair black. This one looked natural and in accordance with the theme of the video since it was about an adventure in the jungle. This music video and song became the greatest hit of the year. Katy gained a lot of recognition and fans after that.

Katy Perry hairstyles
Katy Perry Black Hair

Green: Perry’s drastic change from long black hair to a neon green bob left everyone shocked when she first showed the new color as she posed in Los Angeles for the announcement of her association with the Staples company in June 2014.

Katy Perry hairstyles
Katy Perry Green Hair

Lilac: Katy Perry arrived at the # 57 Grammy Awards with a beautiful lilac with black roots hair in February 2015. This color seemed to subtract some years out of Perry’s face. 

Katy Perry hairstyles
Katy Perry Lilac Hair

Red: Perry wanted a more natural look, and to achieve this she dyed her hair red and made some waves at the end of her hair to attend the 2015 Harper Icon Party in New York City.

Katy Perry hairstyles
Katy Perry Red Hair

Blonde: So far, this is Katy’s most recent color. Katy has kept this blonde color since the release of the song and the music video for bon appetit back in 2017. It surely shows us a more natural side of the artist. She looks beautiful in this color and it definitely suits her wonderfully.

Katy Perry hairstyles
Katy Perry Blonde Hair

As you can see, all Katy Perry Hairstyles are wonderful. These amazing colors looked stunning in the artist. She always manages to look good no matter the color or the hairstyle.

Katy Perry Collection

Launched in 2017, the singer’s brand is known for its unique, vibrant, and funny designs. Katy Perry is well known for always wearing super flashy and colorful outfits and shoes. Her shoes are basically like this, standout colors with exclusive designs.

Katy expressed in an interview that she carried out several investigations on the business topic and on what would be the ideal company for her to work with. Later on, she finally decided to work with Global Brands Group. The prices of her shoes range from $ 59 to $ 299 dollars.

Perry also has an interesting collection of purses. She has everything from clear purses with a heart-shaped wallet inside to purses shaped like mushrooms and pineapples. It’s as clear as water that the artist has a wide imagination that seems to have no end. The prices of the purses range from $ 49 dollars to 99 dollars.

Katy Perry relationships

In 2014, Katy Perry confessed what qualities she is looking for in a man during an intimate interview for Harper’s Bazaar magazine. “A lot of sense of humor, someone who makes me laugh loud, someone sensitive, someone who loves and understands music, and someone who is smart,” she revealed.

  1. Johnny Lewis: the relationship ended after Katy confessed that she wanted to focused on her music career.
  2. Travis McCoy: this relationship wasn’t good at all. The rapper had multiples drug problems which led the relationship to an end.
  3. Russell Brand: after knowing each other for a couple of months, the love birds decided to marry each other. After one year of marriage, the couple got divorced 
  4. John Mayer: both singers felt really in love with each other. Mayer even composed a song for her loved one. The couple broke up 2 years after.
  5. Orlando Bloom: he’s the actual partner of Katy Perry and the father of the expected baby girl. They’ve been together since 2016 and haven’t stopped to love each other since then.

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